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The experts at Xlnt Tint are always ready to provide you with a professional auto window tinting. For an affordable price, you can protect your car, yourself and your wallet from unnecessary damage. We even offer the new, ceramic window tint. This classy option has a matte finish, so it looks great while providing all the same benefits as traditional auto window tinting.

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The benefits of blocking those rays

The benefits of blocking those rays

Tinting your vehicle's windows provides a long list of benefits you might not be aware of. One of the most important benefits is blocking the dangerous parts of sunlight. The benefits of blocking sunlight include:

  • Protecting your skin from UV damage
  • Decreasing dangerous glare by up to 90%
  • Adding privacy to the interior of your car
  • Protecting your upholstery from fading
  • Preventing your windows from shattering
  • Cooling down the interior by up to 60%
  • Adding storm protection to your car
  • Improving the look of your vehicle

You can enjoy these benefits of auto window tinting by bringing your car in for a free estimate.

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