Invest in vehicle wraps in Lafayette, Youngsville or New Iberia, LA

Take Advantage of Your Rolling Billboard

Did you know you have a free billboard just waiting to make money for your business? The staff at Xlnt Tint is trained in installing vehicle wraps to advertise your company. The potential revenue from wrapping your car, truck or van is substantial. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

Here are some interesting facts about vehicle wraps:

  • Mobile advertising is the most effective means of outdoor advertising
  • 96% of Americans traveled as a driver or passenger last week
  • 30% of viewers made buying decisions based on mobile ads
  • Mobile advertising allows your ad to roam, reaching more audiences
  • 29% of viewers visited a business they viewed within a week
  • 98% of in-car viewers noticed mobile ads

These are great reasons to invest in vehicle wraps for your business in Lafayette, Youngsville & New Iberia, LA.

Add a little excitement to your car or truck

Add a little excitement to your car or truck

Our team is also trained in creating vehicle graphics to add a little something extra to your car. Some of our common additions include rally stripes, pine stripes and clear shields to protect auto paint. We can even change the color of your car using a wrap.

Ask about vehicle graphics in Lafayette, Youngsville & New Iberia, LA now.